Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Kentucky Fried Popcorn Christmas

Like a freezing arctic wind, Christmas is coming for your sssssssoul...

I used to be a Christmas curmudgeon, and hated the season with a passion for its overload and its commercialism.  I feel a lot different about it these days, and decided to celebrate here in the pages of Ye Olde KFP with a two month deluge of holiday films to make you squeak like a mouse on a downhill sled.  We'll have seasonal thrills, chills, a horror flick or two, and enough saccharine-flavored family fare to choke a Southern Baptist.  What will happen when Yours Truly has to sit through movies like "Kuffy Koala's Very Special Christmas"?  I don't know... yet.  But I promise to do my best to give you some groove-tastic reviews of everything we watch, for as long as I can take it.

There will be the usual drive-in flicks mixed in too, because there's no way in hell I can survive watching two months of Made-for-TV Hallmark films without breaking them up with some bouts of insane mass murder... and I'll probably watch some horror movies also.  I don't know how much time I'll have to devote to this wee project, but I do want to at least try to share some obscure holiday films that I happen to love, like 70's gem Black Christmas, Spain's wicked little 80's homage A Christmas Tale, Joulutarina (Maybe the best Santa Claus story ever put on film), forgotten classics like Come to the Stable, and modern indie fables like Midnight Clear (A bleak little movie that's virtually the anti-Christmas film, yet still manages to have one of the most honest Christmas messages you can find).  And also, I am absolutely going to give the film The Christmas Box the public beat-down it deserves for being one of the most utterly wretched and insulting holiday movies ever committed to celluloid.

So.  Christmas is coming.  Join me over the next two months for some black humor, some holiday horror, and occasionally even an actual inspirational movie sifted out of the 800 pound sacks of glitter and frosting.

PS - By the way, you may notice some small changes here at KFP other than the seasonal logo up top.  Our Tumblr page and links are gone.  I gave up on Tumblr - The lack of ability to interact with followers really killed it for me, and since I'm already spread over Facebook and G+ and Twitter, it just wasn't worth maintaining one more social network.  In its place I've added a G+ widget to help you find my G+ page if you're interested in following any of the random oddness I dribble. 

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