Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Web Comic News

More KFP news -

I've been fairly unsatisfied with the hosting experience at Drunk Duck, and some investigation has revealed that I'm not alone - Apparently it had a corporate buyout last summer and the site, once highly regarded, has gone to hell... losing many previous features and adding a whole lot of ads.  I'll probably still mirror updates to DD just for the broad exposure, but I've also added a dedicated comic page at hosting site ComicFury, and this is where the comic icon at top right now points to:

It looks a little different and there are a lot less blank ad boxes.  I am perfectly happy to settle for the very simplified layout in exchange for losing the ads.  What do you all think?

It's now up to speed on ComicFury.  If you have a minute, please check it out and leave a comment or two, or some ratings (CF allows ratings of individual pages, hurray!).  I'll be going public with it on the CF forums sometime in the near future.

Another benefit CF has is an author blog, and I finally wrote out a basic description of the characters here:

Let me know what you crazy cats think.  This is obviously still a work in progress.

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