Thursday, April 21, 2011

Big Bad Wolf

My Rating: 4/10

A rowdy group of college students eager to get wild and crazy persuades their classmate Derek Cowley to invite them to his stepfather's incredible secluded cabin. The coeds party it up with great delight -- until they're attacked by a vicious werewolf that rapes, murders … and cracks bad jokes.
 A bunch of annoying teens go to a mountain cabin for drinking and sex, and get eaten by a werewolf. While this would be the whole plot of other movies, it's just the first third of this one. Once the generic horror story is out of the way, it becomes a weird family abuse story about a dorky teen realizing his stepfather is the werewolf in question, and figuring out how to stop him.

Gets much better halfway through. The beginning is agonizingly bad - Think "Made for Syfy"-level badness. The lead teen nerd is actually pretty good in the role and acts better than the rest of the cast of wolf-chow. All the annoying people get eaten, and slaughtered frat rats make every horror movie better. However, it suffers from the WORST werewolf costume I've seen since MST3K's "Waarwulf". "Is it a bat? Is it a bug? WHAT IS THAT?" The werewolf talks, which is sometimes fun, sometimes annoying, and sometimes genuinely creepy. Overall, a decent story let down by a horrible start and tepid FX. Some folks will be put off by the fact that this werewolf likes to do the nasty with his female victims, prior to killing them - Stripping many tops off for maximum boobage.  
What is worse than a werewolf? A horny, talking werewolf.  However, the "sex" scenes, such as they are, are so ridiculously shot that it's hard to be offended by them.  It was all a bit like an R rated Wile E. Coyote cartoon.

This movie contains:

Crusty old local warning against going to "that cabin".
Werewolf sex
Lots of boobs
Drunken frat guys being killed
Bad werewolf costume
Tough girl mechanic
Some more boobs

Suggested Accompaniment:   I only recommend watching this if you're really bored and looking for something that you know your wife won't get pissed at you for watching without her.  That said, this is a beer and cigars flick, guys- The cheaper the better.