Wednesday, April 20, 2011


My Rating: 5/10

I'd read several mediocre to bad reviews of this so I wasn't sure what to expect, but I thought it was several gallons of fun poured into a bathtub full of otters, personally. Basic plot - A group of henpecked British lads get together for a vacation in the country, to have time away from the various harpy women in their lives. They plan to stay in Moodley, a remote village surrounded by miles of nothing. Unfortunately, Moodley has been the site of government testing of British trioxin, your usual zombie virus that only targets women. Thus, our boozing lads find themselves forced to battle a horde of flesh-eating ZomBirds.

A lot of the bad reviews complained about this being misogynistic. I think this is being way overly PC, because A) it's a zombie horror-comedy, not an art film, B) a lot of the fun is in the "War of the sexes" angle, and C) the guys are hardly portrayed in a winning light either. YMMV. Basically, it will spin on whether you find it offensive or funny seeing the guys constantly attacked by female stereotypes (Zombie bride, fat zombie lady with hair in rollers, zombie hairdresser, goth zombie Wiccan from the local occult shop, etc).

It also gets compared negatively to Shaun of the Dead, since it is a British film and there is now a rule that all British horror films must be compared to SOTD. It's not as good as SOTD. It is, however, a lot better than most of the B horror films I've watched lately. It's a classic-on-wheels compared to "Primal", for instance. There are some good laughs to be had and it works well as a survival horror flick, even including some clever uses of zombie-fighting gear born of male fixations, like toy guns and RC cars. Also, "sounds that only women can hear" FTW. ;D

A lot of reviewers claim to have hated the ending. I felt the ending was terrific - Perfectly uproariously ambiguous. Again, YMMV.

I thought it was a hoot, and my wife enjoyed it too. Worth seeing.  7/10


Suggested Accompaniment:  Do they still sell Old Peculiar?  Because that would be the perfect beer for this.  If not OP, have a pint of Sam Smith's Taddy Porter, and load up a giant sized Comoy or Ben Wade sandblast with some Gawith Black XX.  If the Zombirds don't kill you, the tobacco will, but if you live through both, no one will ever doubt your manhood.