Thursday, April 21, 2011


My Rating: 6/10  

Microbudget indie horror/romance/comedy on Netflix streaming. Really, really strange, and sometimes very amateurish, yet I found it oddly compelling, and not just because all the demons were done with prosthetic makeup instead of computer FX. Em wasn't crazy about it but I thought it was strangely fascinating, like some extended cross between a Doctor Strange comic book and Mighty Boosh.

Our hero's girlfriend is snatched away by a demon, so he uses her ancient magic spellbook to summon the devil Lo to get her back from Hell. Lo is quite a character and holds the movie together with his wisecracks and dialog. Thus begins the bulk of the movie, which is an extended conversation between our hero and Lo that covers life, relationships, secrets, and maybe just why his girlfriend was snatched up by a hellhound in the first place.

That's pretty much it - It looks like it was made for about $2000 as the whole movie takes place via the one-room conversation, making it sort of a demonic "My Dinner with Andre". It's cheap, it's cheesy, it's often bizarre, but I found it oddly enjoyable, and I really liked Lo himself. If you're in the mood for something very offbeat and microbudget, it's worth a look.

Justin: You have to do what I say.
Lo: Look at you, pretending to be *brave*. What's your name?
Justin: Justin.
Lo: Ugh. That's a terrible name. Doesn't fit your future. Allow me to baptize you
[proud gasp]
Lo: Dinner!
Justin: It's Justin.
Lo: Dinner! You have to let go of the past. 

Suggested Accompaniment: Something very black and wicked.  Gawith's Black XX Rope in a Talbert Halloween pipe should be about ideal.